The company name “BULL'SEYE”, meaning “the center of a target, a direct hit and the eye of a storm”, was given in the hope of meeting the needs of clients and sharing a goal with a strong passion to involve people around us, unconventional ideas and precise plans.
To achieve this mission, we are putting our energy into nurturing the “humanity” and “empathy” of employees.
“Power to get close. Power to involve.” This is our slogan.
Getting close to clients, getting close to the market and getting close to the media, we pursue the goal with our networking, energy and talent as a producer.
In 2014, we formed a business alliance with ASATSU-DK, INC. (ADK) and spectacularly improved our planning ability and marketing skills in the mass media and digital fields.
We hope to continue to be a trusted strategic partner with our power to get close and power to involve.

President, Kimihiro Murayama

[President Profile : Kimihiro Murayama]
1984.04Sales at sales department in Shotsu Inc.
1987.07Sales at advertising department in DIAMOND Inc.
2002.04Department director in DIAMOND Inc.
2002.11Member of the Board, COO and Director at branding department in SEVEN SEAS & COMPANY Co., Ltd.
2004.09Corporate Officer, and General Manager at advertising department in Esquire Magazine Japan Inc.
2006.03Establishment of BULL'SEYE COMMUNICATIONS Inc.
2013.07Establishment of iN-BULL Inc.

Business Domain

Our main business fields are “fashion”,“beauty” and “luxury”.
From luxury consumer items, including high-end jewelry, watches, interior goods and real estate, targeted at wealthy people, to fashion and cosmetics, we have great expertise in those fields where we are required to offer unique marketing methods and CRM strategies to make images and senses appealing.
We began working on inbound marketing in 2008 and now we have the system organized to offer one-stop approaches and promotional solutions for wealthy tourists visiting Japan, as typified by Chinese tourists.

Our Strength

Utilizing the marketing data of ASATSU-DK INC. (ADK)
Combining our knowledge and network in the field of fashion, beauty and luxury with ADK's marketing skills, we can offer more comprehensive research with insight into ordinary citizens and planning based of the data.

Brands, media and ordinary citizens; 3 viewpoints and network
We are a little unusual advertising company with human resources familiar with 3 industries: people from the media, people form luxury brands or apparel makers and people from advertising / PR.
With the insight into brand business and the media as well as ordinary citizens, we can suggest more in-depth plans, taking advantage of the network in each industry.

“B.I.M.S”(BULL'SEYE Inbound Marketing Service)
Ahead of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020, the inbound market is expected to grow even further. Now we can hardly discuss brand marketing strategies without taking inbound marketing into account.
We have expanded our knowledge and network in this field since 2008. Combining our know-how as a pioneer, we offer proposal menu ranging from a variety of researches, appealing to and attracting customers and promotion mainly for Chinese tourists as well as MD strategies and sales staff education with one step and from various angles.

Our Values

Planning and buying services for the mass media including newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, the Internet and Transportation advertisement. In particular, we have expertise in multiple PR and promotion with the inclusion of SNS and events with magazines as a core. With a great network in publishing industry, we also actively support communication between clients and the media not with a mere advertisement.

To communicate the worldview and story of brands with catalogs, websites and movies, we offer sophisticated and high-impact creation.
We can also offer high-quality editing, utilizing the network with publishers including editors, writers, stylists, photographers, hair and makeup artists working actively for major magazines.

Marketing Research
We aim for solving problems by conducting researches, customized to meet the needs of clients, on brand image and positioning in competitors, the actual situation of ordinary citizens who become potential customers, survey for product development etc. We can also design researches including total research on ordinary citizens, using the resource of ADK.

Event Production
Planning, organizing, directing, casting, producing and managing, we can offer the total creation for exhibitions, shop events such as seminars and live talk shows, exclusive events for customers and events for wealthy people, requiring luxury performances and sets.

Digital Marketing
We suggest comprehensive communication plans utilizing SNS and smartphones with many customer touch points as well as consulting services on the content production for websites and influx into EC sites.

We provide fine-tuned services such as general PR services of preparation of press release → distribution → follow-up → media exposure → report writing, planning, organizing, attracting and attending customers of exhibitions and events for the press, sampling for opinion leaders and model readers, buzz marketing utilizing SNS, planning and implementing press tours.

We offer various promotional plans such as MD strategies developed in collaboration with the media, increasing sales and the number of customers at the store by making full use of SNS, events to acquire potential customers and bring in existing customers and incentives to keep up the motivation of store staff.

Inbound Marketing
Offering various media plans to attract foreigners visiting Japan, mainly targeted at Chinese wealthy people. We suggest the most appropriate solutions for companies which want to attract inbound demand with issuing of press release within China, PR such as publicity, plans aimed at increasing word-of-mouth effects with the Internet and SNS, measures for attracting customers during their visit to Japan by utilizing mainly smartphones, marketing and conducting seminars to educate sales staff.
About B.I.M.S

Publishing Consultation
We comprehensively support you with your custom-made publication such as company publication, separate volume and tie-up books, utilizing the solid network with publishers, and with branding, PR, events utilizing it.