About B.I.M.S


Our company has been working on media planning/development, marketing research and promotional planning for Chinese tourists for 8 years since 2008.
Using the free magazine,"Tokyo & Osaka Luxury Shopping Guidebook" published in collaboration with Diamond-Big Co.,Ltd., the major travel information magazine publisher issuing "Globe-trotter Travel Guidebook Series", as a core, we also have accumulated the know-how and network of various inbound marketing.
Especially for tourists from Asian countries, considering respective features and touch points before, during and after visiting Japan, we suggest plans for attracting customers in accordance with your budget.
We can also offer total marketing plans including various researches, MD strategies, seminars for serving customers and creations.

BULL'SEYE Inbound Promotion Support

For increasing the sales form foreign tourists, it is essential to build awareness, promote store traffic and increase average customer spend. BULL'SEYE COMMUNICATIONS makes full use of various media, such as "Tokyo & Osaka Luxury Shopping Guidebook", and great network to offer solutions which matches the needs of clients.

The behavior of tourists visiting Japan and the representative promotional measures

BULL'SEYE COMMUNICATIONS proposes the most appropriate plans for respective phases of before, during and after visiting Japan.